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colemanA Super Bowl Champ, Loud and Clear Conversation with Derrick Coleman

Innovation & Tech Today: After winning the Super Bowl, how amazing has your off-season been?  Your Duracell commercial has gotten over 22 million views on YouTube. Did the popularity of it surprise you?
Derrick Coleman: After winning the Super Bowl in my second year, my first year (actually) playing, I was trying to stay low-key, but that never happened. I went to Fiji for vacation, then came back and trained, but then went all over to help promote Duracell at events. I never thought that the commercial would be a huge success like it was and still is. The response that I get from people personally and written is heartwarming, and I know what I’m doing and going through, I am not alone.

I&T Today: You’re an inspiration to so many. What advice would you give to children who face obstacles (physical or otherwise) to their dreams?
DC: The advice that i give to everyone if you really want something, find a way to make it work. Make no excuse in going for your dream. If you think back to when you were a teenager