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Daymond John: Wisdom For Next Generation Entrepreneurs

ISharkTank_ArtworkLogonnovation & Tech Today: What’s the best advice you ever received?

Daymond John: Money is a great slave but a horrible master. Never do things for money. You have to do your true love and your passion, which will make you money. But you have to do it first. When I didn’t have money, and I tried to do things for money, I never enjoyed it. It never worked. Even when I did have money and tried to expand into other areas of business I wasn’t really fascinated with, but wanted to make money, it never really worked. It doesn’t mean that I took this advice at first, but when reality struck, I realized what they were saying.

The other thing I learned was to keep good people around you that have the same interests, a mastermind group. They will be your mentors in so many ways, but they will also be your partners and your family. Keep people that have the same goals in mind.

I&T Today: How were you first approached about Shark Tank, and what was your gut reaction?